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in most cases includes free shipping – weights and measurements are approximate

About ordering:

upon receiving your order,
we will request the foundry to prepare a wax, then to prep a mold, to pour your bronze.
They then will chase all surfaces, and apply patina(s). Then attach to a base. Shipping follows.
This whole process is estimated to take 3-9 weeks.
Terms: 1/2 payment upon ordering.
1/2 payment upon shipping.
Each sculpture is shipped with a certificate of authenticity from Topaz Studios.


Falling In Love (Kissing) $1,800.00

Stargazer $6,000.00

Samsara (small) $1,600.00

Unconditional Love $2,800.00

Dance Of The Stag $2,800.00

Teenagers $600.00

Flight $4,000.00

Song of Atoms $14,000.00

Mother With Child $7,000.00 sold

Lemon Chicken $400.00 (negotiable)

Cosmos $4,000.00

Aphrodite, Is A River $3,300.00 (+fountain assembly and container)

 Manta Rays. Mating Season. $4,000.00

Sisters $22,000.00 bronze ($5,000.00 original)

The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow $6,000.00

Sunlight $9,000.00

Samsara (large) $3,000.00

Nefertiti $800.00 mounted ($500.00 unmounted)

Ghost Dancer $800.00 (with base)

Lunch Break $5,500.00 bronze, mounted

Arizona $700.00 (negotiable, SALE!)

Joyful Dancer $4,000.00

Horse, With Personality $5,000.00

Plaid Pants $700.00 (negotiable)

Robin Hood $800.00

Ocean Spray $600.00 (negotiable)

Sanibel Grasses, In Moonlight $600.00 (negotiable, SALE!)

Tempest $1,600.00 (negotiable, SALE!)

Bighorn Sheep $1,600.00

Gratitude $2,600.00

William Blake Orchard $3,200.00

Frisky Pony $1,500.00

Grazin’ In The Grass $1,500.00

Lunar Eclipse $400.00

Solar Eclipse $900.00

Hummingbird $1,200.00

Good Shepherd $6,000.00 bronze ($3,000.00 resin)

Angel With Sheep $200.00 (plus shipping)

Gymnast $3,800.00